high voltage therapy

What high voltage shock therapy


What high voltage shock therapy ?

The energy beverage and shots industry has grown to a stagering 13.5 billion dollars a year, and expected to grow to over 21.5 billion by 2017! Well our friends at High Voltage are no dummies, taking their years of experience in the energy beverage market they have created the most dynamic and delicious E-liquid’s we’ve tasted in years! 2015 is going to be a breakout year for energy infused E-liquid, especially for High Voltage, who is leading the pack! Tired of another juice with a silly name and hyped packaging? Vaporbeast is here to fix that. So don’t walk, run…get your hands on High voltage today. Also check out their Melatonin infused flavor “Lights Out” for those that want to experience a calming sensation at days end! Shock Treatment is an Energy-Infused Pomegranate-Apple. The tastiest of combinations now deliver a satisfying jolt of caffeine straight into your system. Enjoy the buzz!

VG to PG ratio:


This Product Features:

Caffeinated / Energy Infused
Colored Glass Bottle / No Added Food Coloring

You Will Receive:

1x – Bottle of High Voltage Shock Treatment 15mL


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