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E-vitalizer machine


What is e-vitalizer machine?

e-vitalizer machine Description:

With two principles of treatment, Half Wave and High Oscillation, E-Vitalizer is equipped with four models of treatment. 

1) E-vitalizer machineAutomatic Mode

Automatic Mode is the combination of Half Wave and High Oscillation modes, and is intelligence-controlled by microcomputer. It automatically switches between two modes every fifteen minutes. One can simultaneously experience the blend effects of both modes.

2)E-vitalizer machine Partial Mode

Partial Mode is to convert Half Wave Mode into a lower intensity from (power intensity at level 3) to customize for household application and specific segments.

3) E-vitalizer machine High Oscillation Mode

High Oscillation Mode is to convert the form of the electricity of 220V (50Hz) used in our daily life into several ten-thousands Hz, and then apply it to the human body. Such vibration evenly spread around the body to produce bio-energy (electricity, heat, etc).To stage on High Oscillation Mode is equivalent to doing aerobic exercise outdoors.

E-vitalizer machine Produce thermal effects

Strengthen the immune system
Increase metabolic rate
Accelerate fat burning
Accelerate the blood circulation
Accelerate the removal of metabolic waste and toxin


4) E-vitalizer machine Half Wave Mode

The meridians normally pass through the human body. When blockages exist on meridians, health problem will become inevitable. Chinese medicine practitioners use methods of Acupuncture to stimulate the acupuncture points to trigger the healing effects for specific part of the body, while the Half Wave Mode with high voltage remover blockage of meridians by electric current and further triggers a total and integrated healing effect. Since the electric resistances within the acupuncture points are relatively lower than other part of the body, the current smoothly flows along the meridians of the whole body through the acupuncture points. Whenever the circulation of any blood and “Qi” within the meridians blocks, its resistance will change. Like a stone may block and slow down water flow in a river, however, when water current force increases, the blocking stone will even be flushed away, So when the electric current enhances the flow of blood and “Qi”, which in return helps to clear the blockage in meridians and recover one’s body. In addition to the electric current produced along the user’s body, upon the operation of Half Wave Mode, the positive air ions around the user will be neutralized and removed. A large number of air negative ions are still in the room and increase in numbers, and this can bring tremendous health benefits to man kinds.

E-vitalizer machine Feature advantages:

E-vitalizer machine Health benefits that E-Vitalizer brings

Stimulate cellular energy to achieve the optimal level, and improve the efficiency of cell metabolism, so as to ensure that cells live in an environment which is clean and beneficial for biological activity.
Prevent diseases by improving the defense mechanism of body’s immune system.
By enhancing the body immunity and fitness, we can capitalize on innate healing ability of ourselves to restore a healthy balance.
Clear the blockage of the meridians within the body and stimulate the acupuncture points so as to achieve the status of “Upon self-sufficiency with Qi, one need less eating”. By doing so, one may have less drive to eat in a natural way and achieve the effect of weight management in the long term, therefore avoid suffering from the diseases due to obesity or over-weight.


E-vitalizer machine Specification:

Technical Parameter for E-Vitalizer Size(L*W*H) 40*35*32(mm)
Weight 16.5kg
model 4 options
Operate time 1-180min
Warranty time 2 years
Device Life above 5-10 years
Language English, Chinese
Power supply AC 110/220-240v 50Hz
Normal Working Temperature  5 to 40 Celsius degree



E-vitalizer machine Application:

Verification of common malfunctions

Malfunction/ scenarios To cross-check Handling of the problems
No Power Supply Whether the switch
of power is” OFF” mode.
Whether the power cord
is well connected.
Turn the power switch to “ON”.
Plug the power cord and keep
it well connected.
The display on the
operation panel is normal,
but there is no output
Whether the energy mat
is well connected to the
correct output jack.
Turn the power off, reconnect
the energy mat.
Vibration sound is uttered
by the energy mat
Whether the energy mat
is well placed.
Place the energy mat well


Note: The main unit of the X-Vitalizer may make a slight sound when it is started (as if the turn-on of a computer set), implying it is operating well. It is normal that a faint Sound may be made when the X-Vitalizer is working, and the output Jack may made a subtle “buzzing” sound.If the following scenarios occur, please stop using it immediately and contact the authorized dealer.

Unusual sound is made in the main unit
The temperature of the main unit and accessories are abnormally high
Smoke or unusual smell out from the main unit and accessories

Never make any unauthorized refits to the main unit and accessories!

E-vitalizer machine Competitive advantage:

1. LCD screen
2. CE certificate
3. Our box is aluminum box which can give machine very good protection
4. The machine is designed for Europe and North America Market
5. We have two High-tension relay and this is used to improve the safety of the machine
6. Our shell are made of fire proofing material, ABS fire proofing material
7. Different level can be used with different patients

E-vitalizer machine Hearty Advice

Patients with severe heart disease,hypertension,diabetes are advised to use strictly under the guidance of the professionals,or it is strongly advised to start your trial from lower power intensity (select the “Power” at lever “3″).In the initial stage of trial,users should keep alert of your own senses.Do not reduce or stop the dosage without prior permission,however,if you may feel unwell,reduce the use of time or stop using immediately.

Users who have any of the following diseases or in the following conditions should consult professionals before using:


Any acute illess
Terminal cancer
Infectious disease
Heart disease
High fever
Any serious illness
Pregnant and lactating women



People who have been implanted or mounted the following electronic medical equipments should not use E-Vitalizer:


Oxygen mask with oxygen cylinder tank
Auxiliary breathing apparatus

E-vitalizer machine Safety guidelines

When you operate the X-Vitalizer, please follow the basic precautions accordingy.
In order to avoid the possible risk of fire or accidents like electric shock, or physical


  1. Do not use it outdoors or damp surfaces.
  2. Do not use a damaged power cord or plug. I f the power cord is damaged, please contact an authorized dealer for replacement.
  3. Maintence could only be provided by authorized dealers.

E-vitalizer machine Quick Detail:

  • Relieve dry eyes
  • Relieve the climacteric symptoms such as hectic fever
  • Relieve the pain of neck, shoulder, back, joints and other parts of the body
  • Reduce unsustainable constipation
  • Ease the tension
  • Improve your sleep
  • Help quit cigarettes and alcohol
  • Help dieting, weight management
  • Relieve sore gums
  • Relieve muscle spasm
  • Improve the symptoms of chronic fatigue
  • Relieve symptoms of headaches, dizziness

e-vitalizer machine Applications:

1. Pain clinic, such as soft tissue injury, heel pain, acute lumbar muscle sprain, scapulohumeral periarthritis, stiff neck, tennis elbow, cervical spondylosis, knee-joint disease of old-people, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathic pain, wound healing, local infection, chronic pharyngitis, etc.

2. Women’s Problems, such as pelvic inflammation, annexitis, dysmenorrhea, Inflammation of the vagina itch, mammitis, wound healing, etc (Note: hospital Laser Pain-Relief Instrument are more convenient for private place).

3. Skin disease, such as allergic dermatitis, thromboangiitis obliterans, 15 neurodermatitis, Herpes zoster and after herpes zoster pain, erysipelas, bedsore, eczema, cutaneous pruritus, etc.

4. Dermatology, such as swollen, cold injury, scald, acne, alopecia areata, alopecia, skin transplantation, etc.

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