Maikong High voltage therapy

high voltage electrostatic therapy


high voltage electrostatic therapy

high voltage electrostatic therapy Indications

1 headache

2 insomnia

3 osteoarticular pain

4 chronic constipation

high voltage electrostatic therapy Features

1. The high potential therapy device is a multifunctional machine that can simulate and rebuild the natural electric field.

2. Plentiful anions can compensate the anions deficiency in the natural environment.

3. The device can intelligently change the input voltage and output waveform, or intelligently change the multi-waveforms.

4. It has equipped with the over temperature protection device and output voltage stabilizer.

5. 5. No output current security technology is required.

6. It is applicable for both whole body treatment and local treatment.

7. The humanized design is applied for the touch panel. Phonetic function can remind you any time.

8. During the treatment, shift and time can be adjusted at any time.

9. Auto power -off technology is used.

10. The high potential therapy device has luxurious appearance with ABS engineering plastic.

11. The patent number is zl201130263525.1 and zl201130263524.7.

high voltage electrostatic therapy Product Efficacy


1. Active cell, promote metabolism.

2. Purify blood and promote blood circulation

3. Adjust vegetative nerve

4. Improve the natural healing capacity


high voltage electrostatic therapy Parameters

Item Description
Voltage AC 220V/50Hz
Input Power 25VA
Fuse Wire T1.6AL/250V
High potential output voltage 5000V 7000V 9000V
High potential output Frequency 50Hz
Negative potential output voltage 5000V 6000V 7000V
Negative potential output frequency 50Hz
High frequency output voltage 2800Vp-p
High frequency output frequency 80 KHz
Output concentration of negative tons ≥10 million /cm³
Display LED Digital Screen
Default treatment time 30min
Treatment timing method all the functions except the sleeping function, applying the timing method such as count down
Timing range the maximum timing fir the sleeping function is 12 hours
Other functions the maximum timing is 90 minutes
Timing method 10minutes per shift
Overall dimension 430mm×240mm×225mm
Gross Weight 8kg
Net weight 6.5kg

high voltage electrostatic therapy  Therapeutic Principle

1 The high potential therapy device simulates and rebuilds the natural electric filed mainly through the high potential, negative potential, anion, and intermediate frequency potential. Through such method, it helps you to repair body disorders and obstacles that are brought about by the destruction of natural environment.

2 The device can change the alternating current to form the AC high voltage alternating electric field. Under the function of the alternating electric field, subtle vibration will occur to any body part of the user, balancing the body tissues and organs as well as improving the intrinsic natural healing capacity. As a result, the effectively activated cells and the enhanced nerve conduction function will promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis, achieving the curative effect on the chronic constipation.

3 Moreover, the high potential therapy device can promote the blood circulation, activate collaterals, relieve pain, etc. It also offers an effective solution to the neurasthenia, such as headache, insomnia, and so on.


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