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What is high voltage electric field therapy


What is high voltage electric field therapy

Even though recent reviews were unable to provide evidence of efficacy for several oral and topical complementary treatments for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a group of researchers in Japan decided to clinically evaluate the effectiveness of static electric field therapy by high voltage alternating current (EF-HVAC) in the chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder, given the method’s prevailing use in headache, shoulder stiffness, chronic constipation, and insomnia among patients who fail to respond to conventional therapies.For their randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled study published in the July 2013 edition of the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, Yuji Naito, MD, PhD, and colleagues from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine treated 24 patients who fulfilled the American College of Rheumatology’s criteria for active RA diagnosis with either EF-HVAC therapy provided via medical equipment maker Cocoroca Corp.’s Legacis Plus System or sham therapy for 12 weeks, and then observed those patients for four weeks after treatment.At baseline, four weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks, the researchers calculated and compared the patients’ 28-joints disease activity scores based on C-reactive protein (DAS28-CRP), visual analogue scores (VAS) for pain, swollen joint scores, tender joint scores, modified health assessment questionnaire responses for arthritis functioning, as well as “changes in laboratory measures of biomarkers: erythrocyte sedimation rate (ESR), rheumatoid factor (RF), matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP-3), and CRP.”


How high voltage shock therapy work?

2.1 Principles of Electric Circuitry

An electric field therapy apparatus applies a high voltage (for instance, 9,000V) to the body (but no electric current is applied) to generate a potential difference between the body and a wall or the floor of the room (normally 0V) and to produce electric fields (space in which electric forces work) around the body. An electric field therapy apparatus is a physiotherapy apparatus that utilizes the actions that the electric fields have on the body.

2.2 Electro-physical Principles

2.2.1 Distribution of an electric field in space

An electric field therapy apparatus is a physiotherapy apparatus that utilizes the actions of the electric fields that surround the body. In case 10,000V is applied thorough an accessory mat, it was simulated with a computer analysis. It showed higher kV/m2 at head, hip, knees and foot while the floor, ceiling and walls were kept at 0V.

2.2.2 Distribution of electric field strength on the body surface

For a computer analysis of the distribution of electric field strength on the body’s surface, 10,000 V of electricity are applied through an accessory plate. An intense concentration of electric fields can be seen on the head and in the fingers.

2.2.3 Internal inductive current

When an electric field is generated around the body, a very small amount of electric current (microampere: one one-millionth of an ampere) is generated inside the body. This is called an internal inductive current. Its level varies from 1(head) to 23(calf ankle) mA/ m2.

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