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What is electric potential therapy?


What is electric potential therapy?

electric potential therapy

electric potential therapy

electric potential therapy

electric potential therapy

electric potential therapy

What is High Voltage Pulsed Electric Potential Therapy VG Stimulator (Electric Potential Therapy)?-“Electric Potential Therapy VG” is often said to mean Unidirectional (Direct) current or DC, but it is more specifically a constant or unvarying DC that defines Electric Potential Therapy VG. Unlike TENS and related treatments, Electric Potential Therapy VG uses constant direct current (DC). Electric Potential Therapy VG stimulation is a method of applying high voltage, but overall low amperage, direct current to alleviate pain, stimulate blood flow, and promote wound healing. Frequently used for injuries that are associated with bleeding or swelling, it is known by a number of other names including HElectric Potential Therapy VG (High Voltage Electric Potential Therapy VG), HElectric Potential Therapy VGS (High Voltage Electric Potential Therapy VG Stimulation), Electric Potential Therapy (High Voltage Pulsed Electric Potential Therapy VG Stimulation), HVS (High Voltage Stimulation), and DC (Direct Current Stimulation).

Electric Potential Therapy VG stimulation combines very short pulse duration (of constant intensity) and high peak voltage, yet low total current per second, to give relative comfort and avoid tissue damage while stimulating deep tissues. It is also an efficient means of exciting nerve fibers.

With its constant unidirectional current flow, High Voltage Electric Potential Therapy VG’s oppositely-charged electrode pads set up a reaction that calls to mind hot and cold packs for injuries. The positive pad is like ice, tending to reduce circulation to the area under the pad and reduction in swelling. The negative pad is like heat, promoting increased circulation, reportedly speeding healing.

High-voltage pulsed Electric Potential Therapy VG stimulation (Electric Potential Therapy) is gaining widespread use for wound healing, edema reduction and pain relief. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Diabetic Foot are two major areas of use. Devices in this class are characterized by a unique twin-peak monophasic waveform with very short pulse duration (microseconds) and a therapeutic voltage greater than 100 volts. The combination of very short pulse duration and high peak current, yet low total current per second (Microcurrent) allows relatively comfortable stimulation. Furthermore, this combination provides an efficient means of exciting sensory, motor and pain-conducting nerve fibers. Perceptual discrimination of those responses is relatively easy to achieve and thus its clinical versatility.

electric potential therapy
electric potential therapy device
high electric potential therapy
high voltage electric potential therapy

How electric potential therapy work?

electric potential therapy

electric potential therapy

How the Electric Potential Therapy works-EFT is a simple, non-invasive technique using static electricity which produces fast demonstrable clinical results. The theory is that when an electric filed with high voltage AC is applied on a human body, cells metabolism is stimulated by supplementing ions and the Acid-Base Balance of Electolyte in blood results adjusted.

The H+ flow of ions in the organism cars optimally be clirected.This is important because beside others, the co-ordinates of enzyme, the Ca++houselsold, tire proteins of transportation in the blood and the general acid-base-homeostasis depend on these flows of protons and ions.

Abnormal physiology is associated wills abnormal electrical activity.Correcting the abnormal electrical activity facilitates restoration of normal physiology.

Electric Potential Therapy apparatus apply safe levels of high AC voltage potential to the body and create an electrical field around it.This Electric Potential Therapy stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which in turn stimulates the hypothalamus and other areas of the brain, to promote homeostatic functions. Also, the Electric Potential Therapy generates minute amounts of induced current, which permeates the body and stimulates the metabolism.

What high potential therapy device Working Principle? -Potential therapy instrument mainly adopts high-potential, negative potential, imitated natural Electric Potential Therapy built by mid-frequency, to make the people under treatment back to the nature,repairing various disorders and obstacles caused by the damages of natural environment.After processing by this instrument, the alternating current (AC) is transformed to AC high voltage alternating Electric Potential Therapy, which can make all parts of the user vibrated subtly, therefore the imbalance of the body tissues and organs are fully recovered, the inherent healing capacity of human is improved, the cells will be activated effectively,the nerve conduction function will be strengthened, and the gastrointestinal motility will be accelerated so as to achieve the treatment of chronic constipation. By means of artificial method, the Electric Potential Therapy with high vibration frequency is acted to the human body, spreading around the user and generating stable mid-frequency electromagnetic field of AC high-voltage negative electricity so as to promote blood circulation,unclogs the collaterals, release pain and etc.When using negative high voltage output, the negative high voltage Electric Potential Therapy will break the original charge distribution of body, the changed charge swims among the issues and the cells then results in a series of biologicalphysicalchemical changes which will promote the biological functions and pathological state of the tissues, and organs, makes parasympathetic excited to regulate vegetative nerve functional disturbance thereby treat neurasthenia, headache, insomnia etc.

electric potential therapy

electric potential therapy

electric potential therapy

electric potential therapy


Why need electric potential therapy?

Why do we need or want to increase our Electric Potential Therapy or Negative Ions?
Electric Potential Therapy Energy increases the permeability of cell membranes and enhances the composition of ATP, which is responsible for transporting chemical energy within cells for metabolism.

Electric energy can help reactivate the cell membrane of more than 230 types of cells in our body.
Negative ion can help to adjust and recover weak body cell.

Why Electric Potential Therapy medical equipment?

Relieve dry eyes
Relieve the climacteric symptoms such as hectic fever
Relieve the pain of neck, shoulder, back, joints and other parts of the body
Reduce unsustainable constipation
Ease the tension
Improve your sleep
Help quit cigarettes and alcohol
Help dieting, weight management
Relieve sore gums
Relieve muscle spasm
Improve the symptoms of chronic fatigue
Relieve symptoms of headaches, dizziness

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