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How to transform your estim therapy into a estim therapy.


estim therapy

What is estim therapy benefit?

What is estim therapy benefit?
1 Warming effect on the body, promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation.
2 Promote blood flow and nerve conductivity.
3 Expedite the disintegration of fats for slimming purposes.
4 Improve vitality, relieve fatigue and other health conditions.

estim therapy

History of estim therapy (EFT)

History of estim therapy (EFT)

The past 30 years have seen an amount of research in the relations between electricity, electromagnetic fields and living organisms. Esteemed researchers and a multitude of respected scientists have shown that abnormal physiology is accompanied by abnormal electrical charge.

While in Western Medicine the concept of energy How in the body has been largely forsaken, many healing traditions from around the world are based on the balance and lions of energy.

The basic Mem in these systems of healing is that illness is caused by an imbalance in the flow of energy in the body and that restoration of normal energy flow can hep restore health. Our bodies are continually producing minute D.C.aurents through both mechanical and chemical means.These currents follow the paths of least resistance which are in essence like an electric gild for the body,This is how, for example, the ECG is made possible.
One very significant effect of Electrostatic that it moves water.With our bodies being about 70% made out of water, anything that has a storng effect on water can profoundly influence the physiology.

estim therapy

Where to use the estim therapy?

Where to use the estim therapy?

Doctors and medical practitioners
Diagnostic Rooms
Sports Medicine Specialists
Fitness Centers and Spas
Oriental Medicine Centers
Distributors of Homeopathic
Medicines and Dietary Supplements
Medical Clinics
Scientific Research Centers
Sanatorium Resorts

estim therapy

What need the sensitiv imago?

What need the sensitiv imago?

The estim therapy in EU offers various groups of devices targeted at different categories of customers:

Doctors: for private practice, scientific purpouse
Holistic Centers: as the main health scan and diagnosis equipment
Nutritionists: alternative and preventive practice
Food supplements companies/distributors(Coral Club, NSP, Tiens, Dr.Nona and others): to exclude mistakes and accurately match their products with clients needs and expand their clientele
Manufacturers of cosmetics, foodstuffs and various kinds of remedies: for identifying of optimal ingredients and for evaluation tests of their products
Beauty salons and health centers: for adding a new high-price, in-demand service to their business
Individual entrepreneurs and investment companies: to open a recession-proof, turn-key business that can start generating you profits right away. We offer assistance to our customers in setting up their private diagnostic cente

estim therapy

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