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The Truth About e stimulation physical therapy


e stimulation physical therapy

What are sensitiv imago Frequency Compensation application?

What are sensitiv imago Frequency Compensation application?

The range of opportunities of this method application is enormously extended by the universality of the approach and the maximally individualized treatment in each specific case. Frequency Compensation is the method of a choice when a full effect is not achieved by means of standard therapy. This happens first in the cases of: chronic long-term diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, cardiovascular system, a gastrointestinal tract, recurrent painful syndromes, deficiency of the immune system, trophic disorders, and various functional imbalances.
The method is very effective at treatment of acute and chronic allergy processes, intolerance of foodstuff, and acute, chronic intoxications caused by environmental substances. Thus, Morrel’s method of allergy testing has this huge advantage, that the patient is not provoked by allergen; on the contrary, allergy Frequency-TESTING has a relieving influence on the organism, as a result of inverting the information given by the allergen.
During treatment of an allergy, the physiological adaptation of an organism’s signal from the moment by another therapy moment is used. The results of the therapy are frequently amazing owing to such an approach, the exact (definition, determination) diagnosis of causal disease factors and the synergetic effect of a two-channel technique. Frequency-THERAPY is well combined with the intake of medicines and with other physiotherapeutic methods of treatment if necessary.

Usage of Frequency Compensation in “e stimulation physical therapy” device.

For more detailed instructions on the usage of Frequency Compensation, see the “e stimulation physical therapy” manual. The main Frequency Compensation feature in the e stimulation physical therapy is that activity is adjusted automatically, and it is not necessary to strengthen physiological fluctuations separately and to invert the pathological ones – the device does it all automatically; you simply press the button “Information influence”, select the necessary section, and therapy runs. In e stimulation physical therapy the given function is automated (auto tuned) to maximize the client’s convenience.
The course of treatment consists desirably of 10 sessions every other day. For 1 session, it is advisable to do no more than six Frequency Compensation influences.

e stimulation physical therapy

Who need the e stimulation physical therapy?

Who need the e stimulation physical therapy?

Senile disease:

High blood pressure, high blood fat, coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, apoplexy, sequela. Etc.

Disease in the gastrointestinal tract:

Stomach upset, astriction, etc.

People of sub-health:

Menopausal syndrome, persistent fatigue, asthenia, sleeplessness, non-organic disease, poor appetite, etc.

People of good -health:

To relieve fatigue, prevent disease, keep fitness and build body


Rheumatoid arthritis, weakness due to long illness, etc.

e stimulation physical therapy

What is e stimulation physical therapy?

What is e stimulation physical therapy?

Through high-tech artificial means, the medium frequency field in the high-speed vibration frequency will produce a stable alternating current high-voltage negative medium frequency electric field, which can be focused onto the entire body to help maintain the equilibrium of our biological energy (heat energy,electrical energy, mechanical energy and chemical energy), to replenish our body with the dynamic energy.

The medium frequency electric field experiences 72,000 changes of potential difference within each second, are creating 72,000 vibrations in all our cells per second.

e stimulation physical therapy

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