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What is MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h Why we need MAIKONG wk2076h?


What is MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h?

MAIKONG Worldwide have produced the product with Multi-function WK2076H MAIKONG Multi Functional High Potential Therapeutic Equipments integrated with High Potential Therapy, Negative Potential Therapy, Pen-High Potential Therapy and Optical Therapy. It not only faithfully plays a role of “family doctor”, but also creates a fresh and comfortable natural environment artificially by means of the up-to-date research achievement of electro-biology and enable us to do exercise while sitting.MAIKONG High Potential Therapy Range High Potential Therapeutic Equipment, MAIKONG High Potential Therapy WK2076H.

high potential therapy machine-The alternating current will form an alternating high voltage variable electric field upon high-tech processing.When fully insulated individual is placed within this electric field, physiological effects will be produced through the electric charges.

Under the influence of tics electric field, extremely weak vibrations will be produced at various parts of the body.lnequilibriurn at various tissues organs Will now be fully rectified. Corresponding movements with the electric field will be produced by the cells, Intercellular cohesiveness will be relieved,and fluids within and without the cells, in particular the mineral ions in the fluids (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, and Calcium ions) will be redistributed according no their normal valuer (ionic effect).


Through high-tech processing, the alternating current will form a negativly charged low-voltage static electric field which will have beneficial effects on the entire body.


What is MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h Features?

1. The high potential therapy device is a multifunctional machine that can simulate and rebuild the natural electric field.

2. Plentiful anions can compensate the anions deficiency in the natural environment.

3. The device can intelligently change the input voltage and output waveform, or intelligently change the multi-waveforms.

4. It has equipped with the over temperature protection device and output voltage stabilizer.

5. 5. No output current security technology is required.

6. It is applicable for both whole body treatment and local treatment.

7. The humanized design is applied for the touch panel. Phonetic function can remind you any time.

8. During the treatment, shift and time can be adjusted at any time.

9. Auto power -off technology is used.

10. The high potential therapy device has luxurious appearance with ABS engineering plastic.

11. The patent number is zl201130263525.1 and zl201130263524.7.

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

MAIKONG high potential therapy wk2076h

What is high voltage therapy Efficacy?

1. Active cell, promote metabolism.

2. Purify blood and promote blood circulation

3. Adjust vegetative nerve

4. Improve the natural healing capacity

Why we need MAIKONG wk2076h?

Revive cell and rejuvenate cells of the whole body

Increase metabolism

Remove free radicals

Promote blood circulation

Strengthen body’s immunity

1. Possess various functions such as high-voltage alternative electrostatic field, intermediate frequency 76KHz alternative electric field and heat.

2. Possess indication tone of selecting key-press, therapy function and therapy ending.

3. High/negative potential, two gears for high and low optical. The gears can change the output voltage.

3. Unblock the meridian.

4. Three gears in heat such as high, middle and low. When the temperature of high gear in heat exceeds 65℃±1℃, controlling device should be capable of turning off heating power supply.

5. Change different output jacks( for example, high/negative potential, optical and heat), it can carry out various therapies.

6. Adopt microchip to control. The performance of therapeutic equipment is stable, with low failure rate.

7. High voltage generator is manufactured by special process to ensure the stability and safety of whole machine.

8. Adopt the double-wire with protective tube and high voltage separation and protection device to ensure the safety of using.

9. Easy, direct-viewing operation.

10. The whole machine is equipped with perfect safety protection system, so the therapy process is safe and comfortable.

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