Maikong High voltage therapy

MAIKONG high potential therapy machine testimonials

MAIKONG high potential therapy testimonials

MAIKONG high potential therapy testimonials

MAIKONG high potential therapy testimonials

MAIKONG high potential therapy testimonials

MAIKONG high potential therapy testimonials

MAIKONG high potential therapy testimonials

MAIKONG high voltage galvanic therapy : Principle, application,use time


2. The high volt pulsed galvanic stimulator (HVPGS), a type of neuromuscular stimulator is a short duration (microsecond), microamperage current driven by a high voltage current (up to 300 volts) that is delivered as a twin-peak monophasic waveform of fixed duration (100 microseconds). This direct current can produce both a mechanical contraction and a chemical change within the body.
3. High Volt Pulsed Galvanic Current (HVPGC) While used clinically over the last 45 years, this type of stimulation and its applications have received much more attention in the last five years. Typical indications for use include a wide range of clinical problems where high voltage may be applied alone or in combination with other modalities.
4. HVPGS is the use of a high driving voltage (up to 500V) to produce analgesia, muscle contractions, and to facilitate wound healing. Galvanic stimulation combines very short pulse duration (of constant intensity) and high peak voltage, yet low total current per second, to give relative comfort and avoid tissue damage while stimulating deep tissues. It is also an efficient means of exciting nerve fibers.
5. It allows for deeper penetration. It does not burn (low amps). It flows between each pad and dispersive pad (usually placed on large muscle group). It can be used in water. It has the ability to move fluids. Is used for open wounds, burns and over scar tissue. Can be used on metal implants.
6. Physiological effects Maintaining or increasing range of motion. Re-educating muscles. Edema/swelling/inflammation reduction. Reducing motor spasticity. Increasing local blood circulation to injured area and promoting fluid movement to and from treatment area.
7. Preventing or retarding muscle disuse atrophy. Managing chronic/post-traumatic/post- surgical pain conditions allowing patient to participate in their pain management program. Stimulation and acceleration of wound healing by promoting blood circulation to wound.
8. INDICATIONS Adhesive Capsulitis ,Bursitis Wound Healing,Odema Cervical Sprain/Spasm Degenerative Disc,Sciatica Epicondylitis Lumbosacral Sprain Shoulder Subluxation,TMJ PostOperative conditions- Arthroscopy,Discectomy,Spinal Fusion
9. Duration Minimum of 30-40 mins /3xday Application The positive pad is like ice, tending to reduce circulation to the area under the pad and reduction in swelling. The negative pad is like heat, promoting increased circulation, reportedly speeding healing.


History of Electric Field Therapy (maikong  EFT)

The past 30 years have seen an amount of research in the relations between electricity, electromagnetic fields and living organisms. Esteemed researchers and a multitude of respected scientists have shown that abnormal physiology is accompanied by abnormal electrical charge.

While in Western Medicine the concept of energy How in the body has been largely forsaken, many healing traditions from around the world are based on the balance and lions of energy.

The basic Mem in these systems of healing is that illness is caused by an imbalance in the flow of energy in the body and that restoration of normal energy flow can hep restore health. Our bodies are continually producing minute D.C.aurents through both mechanical and chemical means.These currents follow the paths of least resistance which are in essence like an electric gild for the body,This is how, for example, the ECG is made possible.
One very significant effect of Electrostatic that it moves water.With our bodies being about 70% made out of water, anything that has a storng effect on water can profoundly influence the physiology.

MAIKONG high potential therapy machine Parameter:



Power input

AC 220V/50Hz

Input Power




HPOT output voltage

5000V/7000V/9000V (±10%)

HPOT output frequency

50Hz±2 Hz

Negative potential output voltage

5000V/6000V /7000V(±10%)

Negative potential output frequency

50Hz±2 Hz

IF electric potential output voltage


IF electric potential output frequency

80 KHz(±10%)

Negative ions output concentration

≥10 million /cm³

Display of reading

LCD Digital Screen

Default treatment time


Operating mode


Treatment Counting

Sleep function timing, others countdown

Timing Range

Less than 12 hours for Sleep function,

Less than 90 minutes for other functions

Time Adjustment

10min/gear, increasing circulation

Waterproof Level



Effect of MAIKONG High Voltage Pulsed Electrical Stimulation on Microvascular Permeability to Plasma Proteins

The purpose of this study was to determine whether high voltage pulsed electrical stimulation reduces microvascular permeability to plasma proteins in a simulation of acute edema. Fourteen male golden hamsters were anesthetized and prepared for fluorescence microscopy of the cheek pouch. Intravenous fluorescein-labeled dextran (MW 150,000) served as a tracer of plasma proteins. Protein leaks from the microvessels were quantified every 5 minutes for a 25-minute baseline period and again after a 5-minute superfusion with 10−5-M histamine. High voltage stimulation (HVS) was applied simultaneously with the histamine to the vascular bed of the treatment animals in a dosage of 10, 30, or 50 V; the control animals received no electrical stimulation. Histamine increased microvessel leakiness in all groups, but the number of posthistamine microvessel leaks was significantly less in animals that received a 30- or 50-V dose of HVS than in the control animals or those that received a 10-V dose. The study results suggest that at intensities greater than a threshold dose, HVS reduces microvessel leakiness. Reduced microvessel leakiness may be one mechanism by which HVS retards edema formation.


MAIKONG high potential therapy machine testimonials

What MAIKONG high potential therapy indonesia and price

high potential electrostatic field therapy

Maikong High Potential Therapeutic Equipment

Electrostatic Field Therapy

High voltage electric field therapy

high voltage therapy physiotherapy


What high potential therapy medical equipment Precautions Hearty Advice

Patients with severe heart disease,hypertension,diabetes are advised to use strictly under the guidance of the professionals,or it is strongly advised to start your trial from lower power intensity (select the “Power” at lever “3″).In the initial stage of trial,users should keep alert of your own senses.Do not reduce or stop the dosage without prior permission,however,if you may feel unwell,reduce the use of time or stop using immediately.

Safety guidelines

When you operate the X-Vitalizer, please follow the basic precautions accordingy.
In order to avoid the possible risk of fire or accidents like electric shock, or physical
Do not use it outdoors or damp surfaces.
Do not use a damaged power cord or plug. I f the power cord is damaged, please contact an authorized dealer for replacement.
Maintence could only be provided by authorized dealers.




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