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multi functional high potential therapy all info here

multi functional high potential therapy

multi functional high potential therapy

multi functional high potential therapy

multi functional high potential therapy

multi functional high potential therapy

multi functional high potential therapy

multi functional high potential therapy

multi functional high potential therapy

multi functional high potential therapy history

Before I went into the Juravinski Cancer Center in Hamilton Ontario, I sat on a park bench near the entrance to the lobby and watched patients come and go. Many struggled on their way into the center, but more seemed to struggle after their rigorous treatments. It was a very sad, moving and thought provoking experience. However, it got me to thinking about cancer treatments and whether the day will come when there are less invasive methods to treat cancer, the number one killer in the world. Back in Boston, I did a little research and found out that static electricity, which is considered as part of Natural Medicine is in consideration and going through clinical trials, especially in Japan. Of course!!!

The thought behind using static electricity is nothing new to the medical community. In the Reading Eagle newspaper, dated September 2, 1951, a retired military surgeon by the name of Colonel Francis Usher suggested the use of static electricity as a possible new cancer treatment. His premise was that it would enhance existing treatments and possibly slow the growth or kill the cancer cells.
Back to the Future

multi functional high potential therapy

Fast forward 60 years and many articles can now be found on using static electricity in the treatment of cancer and clinical trials are underway by a number or researchers. In a paper presented by Philip H. Gutin, MD, and Eric T. Wong, MD, they wrote about Tumor Treatment Fields (TTF) claiming that TTF treatment or an electric field has a superior safety profile, and its minor side effects do not seem to overlap with those of cytotoxic chemotherapies, targeted agents, or anti-angiogenesis drugs. Therefore, the rational combination of TTF therapy with specific pharmacological agents may enhance tumor cell death.

The definition of an electric field is attributed to Michael Faraday in the 1820s and was later formulated by James Clerk Maxwell in his electromagnetic theory in 1865. It is a field of electric forces that surround a source charge. When a test charge is placed within an electric field, a force acts on it because it is energy. By using a battery with a couple of wires on an AC or alternating current, tests are easy to conduct. Negative charges attract positive charges, while similar signed charges repel each other. Basically, two electrodes are placed at a given distance from each other on the human body in proximity to a tumor or cancerous cells. Voltage is applied and the energy travels from one electrode to the other and has an effect on the bad cells in its path. TTF therapy is now a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–approved treatment for patients who have exhausted surgical and radiation treatments.

What Functions of multi functional high potential therapy?

1) High /negative potential: high-voltage alternative electrostatic field; two optional gears for high and low potential;high(9000V),low(6000V);Optical; intermediate frequency 76KHz alternative electric field, two optional gears for high and low; high(1200V),low(950V);

2) Heat: the thermostatically control device is provided at the high gear of heat, and the temperature is kept(65°C±1°C);

3) Leading prong: when carry out whole body treatment with high/negative potential,insert leading prong and implement the partial the partial treatment at the same time. (At the beginning,please select low gear of high/negative potential)

4) Timing function: 3060120minutes; three- segment selection for circulating in turn; 30 minutes opening mode;

5) Tone indication of timing therapy ending and automatic cutting the output.

Maikong Multi Functional High Potential Therapeutic Equipment
“30 minutes has similar result like doing exercises at outdoor for 3 hours”
Optical therapy function helps to repair body cell, increase metabolism of body cell and immune system will improve. Applying Optical Therapy Function for 30 minutes has a similar result like doing exercises at outdoor for 3 hours.

How the Electric Field Therapy works?

EFT is a simple, non-invasive technique using static electricity which produces fast demonstrable clinical results. The theory is that when an electric filed with high voltage AC is applied on a human body, cells metabolism is stimulated by supplementing ions and the Acid-Base Balance of Electolyte in blood results adjusted.

The H+ flow of ions in the organism cars optimally be clirected.This is important because beside others, the co-ordinates of enzyme, the Ca++houselsold, tire proteins of transportation in the blood and the general acid-base-homeostasis depend on these flows of protons and ions.

Abnormal physiology is associated wills abnormal electrical activity.Correcting the abnormal electrical activity facilitates restoration of normal physiology.

Electric Field Therapy apparatus apply safe levels of high AC voltage potential to the body and create an electrical field around it.This electric field stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which in turn stimulates the hypothalamus and other areas of the brain, to promote homeostatic functions. Also, the electric field generates minute amounts of induced current, which permeates the body and stimulates the metabolism.


What is the Ion Effect ?

By passing thousands of volts of electricity through a fixed insulator indirectly alfects the minerals in the blood by forming a thick layer of negative ions around the conductor.This action normalizes the blood by pH buffing.

Why multi functional high potential therapy?

1.Complete functions
2.Permanent solutions
3.Comprehensive Organize
4.Easy use
5.Microcomputer control
6.Green treatment
7.No side effect
8.Effective treatment


1、Replenish the negative ions in the body and enhance the body’s biological energy.
2、Restore the morbid potential difference of cell membrane, so that the cells remain in a polarized state.
3、Stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and regulate autonomous nervous system disorders.
4、Activate gamma globulin and enhance the body’s immune system as wells as its natural healing power.
5、Remove vascular convulsions, and suppress sympathetic nervous systern secretion.
6、Relieve inflan)mation. pain, sedate the mind, induce sleep, promote healing of wounds, relieve skin allergy and itching so that the complexion remains always glossy and elastic.
7、Release electrons to get rid of free radicals.
8、Promotes the formation of ATP, activate the cells and enzyme functions. Activate the various coenzymes, expedite the disintegration and metabolisn) of carbohydrates. proteins and fats, promote oxidation reversion.
9、Reduce the burden of liver, activate the gastrointestinal tissues, and expedite the excretion of waste products and toxins.
10、Regulate the body’s state of equilibrium. Remove the ‘magnetizecreffects of physical magnetic fields.
11、Promote the oxidation reversion of blood stream, and maintain the optimal pH value of the blood. Revert the acidic substances to mildly alkaline (pH value between 7.36 to 7.44), improve the blood coagulation functions.
12、Improve the gas exchange functions of lungs, increase the activity of trachea cilia and secretory functions of mucous membrane.

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