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hyboid – high voltage therapy


high potential therapy for sale hyboid – high voltage therapy hyboid – high voltage therapy

hyboid – high voltage therapy Machine


1.    Headache

2.    Insomnia

3.    Osteoarticular pain & lumbar pain

4.    Chronic constipation

And also helps people who have health problems, e.g:

Diabetic, stroke, arthritis, heart disease, migraine, osteoporosis, muscles stiff and joint pain, kidney disease, cataract, asthma, cholesterol, rheumatic.

hyboid – high voltage therapy Mode Function:

“30 minutes has similar result like relax massage for 2 hours”

High potential function helps for stimulating blood circulation, regulating blood pressure and improving immune system. When micro electric intervenes human nervous system, endocrine system will automatically be regulated. Applying High potential function for 30 minutes has similar result like relax massage for 2 hours.

Micro Potential Sleep Mode Function:

“Apply 60 minutes for Ultra Micro Potential Sleep Mode function has similar result as deep sleep for 2 hours”

Ultra Micro Potential Sleep Mode function can continuous use for 6 hours, can make your body fully rest. Apply it for long term, can helps to reduce blood stickiness, accelerate blood sugar decomposition, and regulate function of system endocrine, at the same time, it can improve your sleeping quality, balance your hormone, increase cell metabolism, make your stamina double.

Lead (Pain Relief Electric Stimulation Pen):

Apply this pen for partial body pain relief and relaxation, to move on the body parts  forwards and backwards to release pain in a certain body part.

Suitable for people who want to live healthy:

* Whole family who want to live healthy and better, stay away from diseases.

* Children and school age student need to have high concentration in study and reduce fatigue.

* Elderly who want to live longer life, active and repair weak cell and stay away from disease.

* People who stay in city, full of air pollution, lacking fresh air, and stressful environment and work.

* People who work in office air-conditioned room, lacking fresh air and lack of movement.

* People who lack of time to exercise regularly and routinely.

* People who seldom go to mountain area.

high potential therapy for sale hyboid – high voltage therapy hyboid – high voltage therapy



Item Description
Power input AC110-V220V 50/60HZ
Input power 20VA
HPOT Output Voltage 9000V  6000V   3000V
HPOT Output frequency 50HZ±2 HZ
Display of Reading LED digital screen
Default treatment time 30mins
Operating mode Continuous
Treatment Counting Sleep timing, others countdown
Timing Range Less than 9 hours for sleep functions,Less than 90 mins for other functions
Time adjustment 10 mins/gear, increasing circulation
Water proof level Non-water-tight
Ambient temperature 5℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Host size 430mmx263mmx248mm

hyboid – high voltage therapy


Users who are using the following medical electrical equipment can not usethis therapy instrument for treatment simultaneously.

L Pacemakers or any other electronic transplant equipment.

L artificial heart-lung machine which is a life-support system
L The ECG measuring equipment which taking along.
L People within the metal into body are forbidden on using this product;

L During the onset of life-threatening disease should stop using this product.

The following patients should be agreed by the professional doctors before using the equipment.

L -Acute disease patients
L -Cardiopath
L -Malignancy
L -Patients with a high fever
L -Pregnancy
L -Being treated or people who are not feeling well

What is hyboid – high voltage therapy Advantages?

1.Purify blood
2.Improve minicirculation
3.Adjust autonomic nerves
Wholesale China merchandise high voltage electrostatic therapy
4.Active cells
Wholesale China merchandise high voltage electrostatic therapy
5.Decline the free radical
6.Enhance immunity
7.Adjust endocrine
8.Promotes metabolism

What is hyboid – high voltage therapy Principle?

1. Negative therapy-:Scientific practice suggests that the appropriate strength of the electric field will have a beneficial impact on each part of the body cells. The high potential therapy is based on the biomedical theory putting the body in a high-voltage alternating low-frequency electric field; then the cells, body liquid and nerves, which are affected by the synthesized functional silent discharge of the Electric field, flowing of the air ions and ozone etc, keep the anion cation balance according to the action of an electric dipole field. Multifunctional hyboid – high voltage therapy Apparatus can produce -6000V to -9000V electrical feild around the body by using high voltage static electricticity which makes the output terminal discharge silently. Thus they produces negative ions which make the indoor air fresh and regulate the blood circulation, nervous system, endocrine system, digestion and metabolism of the whole body. After negative ions enter the human body, they help excellent regulation and recovery of the nervous system of the whole body and gradually adjust the acidized morbid state to an alkaline state.The initial reaction of acidized blood flowing inside the body is to cause poor blood flow and may result in symptoms such as various aches and discomfort. At this initial stage ,many people ignore the body. As a result, the best therapeutic opportunity maybe lost due to delay .Balance PH-value purify the blood, activate the cell, tone the automatic nerve, supply the static energy needed by the human body.Helps keep the body in balanced vigorous.

2. Heat therapy-The basic method of Heat Therapy is to apply proper temperature to the feet, conduct heat to the deep part of the organism so that partial channels and acupoints get mild nourishing, blood circulates freely, and other functions are enhanced.The traditional Chinese medicine says:” the blood circulation will be improved if it’s hot, and it is curdled if it’s cold. To apply heat and dispel cold, to stimulate circulation to end stasis.” If it moves then there isn’t any pain; if there is pain, it does not move. Via far infrared Heat Therapy one applies appropriate temperature on the exterior skin, which stimulates and massages the acupoints of the foot, and consequently propels the blood circulation, strenghtens the endocrine system, eliminates pain. It can help rectify various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, neuropathic pain and endocrine dysracia.

3. Optical therapy-This high potential apparatus uses 76KHz medium frequency alteration electric field upon the body so that the fluctuation can evenly spread to the surroundings of the body, thus producing biological energy and help the body keep balance and work in a vigorous manner.Funtion Mechanism of Optical Therapy: at 76KHZ/second medium frequency electric field (light fluctuation energy) upon the body so that the fluctuation can evenly spread to the surrounding areas of the body producing biological energy.timulates and massagex the bodies cells, and make the body temperature rise 1-2 degrees. Use optimal mode for half an hour, it’s like doing outdoor aerobic exercise for 3 hour.
The 76000 Hz/sec micro vibration using light wave improves functions of the cells for the whole body, producing a heating effect and helping raise thebody temperature 1-2 degrees, smooth the blood, and strengthen the circulatory function; it also helps encourage the body to burn fat and achieve the result similat to that of body building and beauty treatment, and assist the body in keeping its natural balance balance and vigor.

high potential therapy for sale

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