Maikong High voltage therapy

benefits of MAIKONG high potential therapy


benefits of MAIKONG high potential therapy benefits of MAIKONG high potential therapybenefits of MAIKONG high potential therapy


MAIKONG high potential therapybenefit

1 Produce the ionization effect on the surface of the body as well as the surrounding atmosphere.
2 Promote fluid electrolytic process to regulate the potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium,chlorine, and calcium ions in the body fluid to their normal values.
3 Increase the content of calcium Ions In the body fluid and stabilize the pH value of body fluid.
4 Two-way regulation of blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, blood fat level and purify the blood while promoting blood circulation, improving microcirculation, and keeping the blood pH value at weakly alkaline state.
5 Relieve nervous system fatigue and enhance the conductivity of the nervous system.
6 Activate cells, regulate the concentration of potassium, sodium and chlorine Miss wither and without the cells, and increase the permeability of cell membrane.
7 Stimulate metabolism and expedite the process of lipolysis.
8 Regulate the equilibrium between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
9 Promote healing of bone fractures and reduce the depletion of bone calcium.
10 Relieve fatigue, shoulder pain.
11 Promote peristaltic movements to facilitate defecation and urination
12 Revitalize the hypothalamic activity and regulate endocrine disorders.
13 Remove any abnormal brain waves and magnetic waves to improve sleep quality, relieve headache and drowsiness.

benefits of MAIKONG high potential therapy

what MAIKONG hpt high potential therapy price and benefits

What is LOW VOLTAGE Benefit

1 Regulate the celeral cortex,autnomous nervous system as well as endocrine functions.
2Reduce stress as well as physical and mental fatigue, improve work efficiency.
3 Enhance memory, improve sleep, relieve headache and drowsiness.
4 Two-way regulation of blood pressuredieduce the viscosity of blood and expedite the disintegration of blood sugar.
5 Improve the body’s responsiveness and adptability.
6 Regulate the serum protein A/G (albumin/globulin) ratio, increase the sodium, calcium and gamma globulin content in blood serum while reducing the potassium,magnesium, phosphorus and albumen content.


What is high voltage therapy Advantages?

1.Purify blood
2.Improve minicirculation
3.Adjust autonomic nerves
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4.Active cells
Wholesale China merchandise high voltage electrostatic therapy
5.Decline the free radical
6.Enhance immunity
7.Adjust endocrine
8.Promotes metabolism

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