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kenko high potential therapy


What is Kenko High Potential Therapy?

kenko high potential therapy


1. Headaches

2. Insomnia

3. Osteoarthritis and low back pain

4. Chronic constipation

It can also help people with health problems, for example.

Diabetes, stroke, arthritis, heart disease, migraines, osteoporosis, muscle stiffness and joint pain, kidney disease, cataracts, asthma, cholesterol, rheumatic diseases.

Kenko High Potential Therapy Treatment Mode Functions.

” 30 minutes is similar to a relaxing massage for 2 hours.”

Kenko High Potential Therapy functions help stimulate blood circulation, regulate blood pressure and improve the immune system. When microelectricity intervenes in the human nervous system, the endocrine system is automatically regulated. Applying the Kenko High Potential Therapy function for 30 minutes has a similar effect to a relaxing massage for 2 hours.

Micro-potential sleep mode functions.

“Applying 60 minutes of ultramicro-potential sleep mode functionality resulted in results similar to 2 hours of deep sleep.”

The Ultra Potential Sleep Mode feature can be used for up to 6 hours in a row, allowing your body to fully rest. When taken over a long period of time, it can help reduce blood stickiness, accelerate blood sugar breakdown, regulate systemic endocrine function, while improving sleep quality, balancing hormones, increasing cellular metabolism and doubling physical strength.

Lead (electric stimulation pen for pain).

Use this pen to ease and relieve some body pain by moving back and forth over the body parts to release pain in certain body parts.

For those who want to live a healthy life.

* The whole family who wants to be healthy, to live better, to be free from disease.

*:: Children and school-age students need to concentrate on learning and reduce fatigue.

*:: Older people who want to live a long life, be active and repair weak cells and stay away from disease.

* People living in cities with high air pollution, lack of fresh air and high environmental and work stress.

* People who work in air-conditioned rooms in offices lack fresh air and do not exercise.

* People who lack time for regular and routine exercise.

* Few people who go to the mountains.


Users of the following medical electrical equipment cannot use this therapeutic device for treatment at the same time.

L Pacemaker or any other electronic transfer device.

The L artificial heart-lung machine is a life support system.
L carries an electrocardiogram measuring device with him.
L. Prohibition of the use of metals in the human body

L Use of this product should be discontinued during an attack of life-threatening illness.

The following patients should obtain the consent of a professional physician before using the device.

L – Acutely ill patients
L Malignant neoplasm
L patients with high fever
People undergoing treatment or feeling unwell

kenko high potential therapy kenko high potential therapy kenko high potential therapy kenko high potential therapy


Item Description
Power input AC110-V220V 50/60HZ
Input power 20VA
HPOT Output Voltage 9000V  6000V   3000V
HPOT Output frequency 50HZ±2 HZ
Display of Reading LED digital screen
Default treatment time 30mins
Operating mode Continuous
Treatment Counting Sleep timing, others countdown
Timing Range Less than 9 hours for sleep functions,Less than 90 mins for other functions
Time adjustment 10 mins/gear, increasing circulation
Water proof level Non-water-tight
Ambient temperature 5℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Host size 430mmx263mmx248mm

 kenko high potential therapy

high potential therapeutic machine

What are the advantages of Kenko High Potential Therapy?

1. With a variety of functions, such as high voltage AC electrostatic field, medium frequency 76KHz AC electric field and heat.

2. Has a selection button, treatment function and a tone for the end of treatment.

3. High/negative potential, two gears for high light and low light respectively. The gears can change the output voltage.

3. Dredging the meridian.

4. High, medium and low. When the temperature of the heated medium and high-grade gears exceeds 65°C ± 1°C, the control device shall be able to turn off the heating power.

5. Replace different output jacks (e.g., high/negative potential, light and heat), which can perform various therapies.

6. Microchip control. Stable performance and low failure rate of the treatment equipment.

7, the high voltage generator is manufactured with special process to ensure the stability and safety of the whole machine.

8. Adopt double wire and high pressure isolation protection device with protection tube to ensure the safety of use.

9. Easy, intuitive operation.

10. The whole machine is equipped with a perfect safety protection system, the treatment process is safe and comfortable.

kenko high potential therapy

Who needs Kenko High Potential Therapy where?

Holistic health and anti-aging specialists – doctors and alternative practitioners
Expert and consultant in the field of health and healthy lifestyles
Experts in detoxification and contaminant removal
Experts in addiction (smoking and food addiction)
Expert in the field of quantum medicine.
Expert in practical psychology and psychosomatic medicine
Experts and consultants in energy diagnosis and treatment
Experts and consultants in yoga practice
Experts and consultants engaged in meditation practice
Experts working with martial arts practitioners
Experts and consultants in the development of agricultural energy equipment
Expert and consultant in the field of geopathogenic anomalies
Expert and consultant in the field of liquid environment research

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