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high potential electric massapequa


high potential electric massapequa

How to operate the High Potential Electric Massapequa?

Please strictly follow the following methods to ensure safety and

Proper use of products

1. Place the host. Place the mainframe flat on a ventilated, dry, easy to handle object

(plastic or wooden tables and chairs). The host must be kept at least a distance.

Wall to floor 20 cm. The host and energy pad must be kept in

Computers and other equipment at least 1 m. Insulation pads should be placed

Put your feet on the ground. See chart.

2. Connect the electrical pad to the power supply. Energy Cushion Making (Mattress) Set

Lay flat on a plastic or dry wooden chair (bed). Energy pads and wires don’t.

Make contact with the ground at a distance of 20cm or more Insert the plug into the

220V / 50Hz socket

3.Turn on the power of the mainframe and display the Chinese characters

The mainframe is fully on standby and the timer displays as

30:00 minutes.

high potential electric massapequa

smart high potential therapy

4. Functional options.

Before selecting the high potential function, plug in the electric pad and the effect pad input

Enter the high potential output hole of the host and press high potential key 7, high potential output

Three strengths of 5000V, 7000V and 9000V are available.

second in order
Before selecting the negative potential function, plug in the energy pad and effect pad input

Enter the negative potential output hole of the host and press the negative potential key 8.

The potential output can be selected from -5000V, -6000V, -7000V.

Before selecting the intermediate potential function, insert the energy pad and effect pad input

Insert the intermediate potential output hole of the host and press the intermediate potential key 9.

The intermediate potential output specification is 2800Vp-p, 80KHz.

Make the energy pad high pressure input when using smart therapy

The plug of the cable is inserted into the high potential output hole/negative potential output of the host

Hole, press smart key 11 to pass

5 minute gap intelligent cycle output high/negative potential.

5. Adjustment of time. Press the time key to set the time, press handover.

10 minutes/grade at a time, from the default 30:00 to 40:00, 50:00 ….

… until 90:00 is added. The most fixed countdown time is

On a 90-minute countdown, the time shows the first two digits

The presentation is minutes, the latter two digital presentations are seconds.

After arriving at 90:00, press once to return to 0:00. indicate 0:00.

Enter the sleep function at the time reference point. The sleep function is activated by

0 hours 00 minutes. When using the sleep function, the first two digital presentations are hours.

The latter two digital presentations are in minutes, with a maximum working time of 12 hours.

It will turn off the sleep function after 12:00.

After setting the treatment function and treatment time, press the start/stop button

After a period of use, the machine starts working and the timer counts down

On arrival, the buzzer sounds 10 times to remind the treatment is complete.

Exit this treatment feature.

second in order
If the user wants to operate continuously, start with step 4.

After setting the treatment function and treatment time, if the user does not press

Start/Stop button after 20 seconds and the machine will undo the selected treatment

Function and treatment time

7. The negative ion therapy function can be used in conjunction with the above functions, or


8. After use, please turn off the power of the main unit and separate the power points; make

The mainframe is in a power-down state.

high potential electric massapequa

How does High Potential Electric Massapequa work?

High Potential Electric Massapequa can treat the following diseases.

All major types of cancer (cancer, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma and leukaemia)
Diseases of unknown origin or cause (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, asthma, arthritis, kidney and liver diseases, autoimmune diseases, idiopathic diseases)
Almost all diseases caused by viruses (even future viral mutations)
High Potential Electric Massapequa is not applicable to the following diseases.

Bacteria, fungi and parasites
Personal injuries and wounds
Drug-induced diseases
Occupational cancers (cancers caused by exposure to chemicals and minerals at work, such as asbestos cancer)
It is difficult to explain how High Potential Electric Massapequa works scientifically because science and cancer do not yet know the root cause or origin of cancer and viruses, and the medical community has never developed a cure for diseases caused by a single virus.

So far, only the original theory based on Junji Takano, the inventor of High Potential Electric Massapequa, can accurately explain how High Potential Electric Massapequa works on the human body.

However, we will also try to explain in the most scientific way how High Potential Electric Massapequa can treat cancer, viral diseases and diseases of unknown cause.

How electrostatic high pressure therapy works in Layman’s terms
High Potential Electric Massapequa instruments work by wrapping the patient’s body with a negatively charged electrostatic field. How the machine does this is the inventor’s trade secret. When the body is surrounded by this electric field, an environment is created where cancer cells and viruses cannot multiply and mutate and eventually die. All of this is miraculously done and does not affect normal human cells. For healthy individuals, the use of high pressure electrostatic therapy will prevent the production of cancer cells and viruses.

high potential electric massapequa

How High Potential Electric Massapequa Works

Experiments have shown that cancer viruses can drop as much as 20 to 50 percent in just one week by soaking the entire body in negative static electricity. This is already more than ten times higher than some other cancer treatments, and for these alternative therapies, a good procedure can only reduce them by about 10 percent per month at best. Compared to most orthodox and alternative therapies, this makes High Potential Electric Massapequa really work! In addition, it is 100% safe with 0% side effects.

Now compare this to high-cost therapies such as chemotherapy, which have an overall success rate of only 3 percent. The risk of side effects is very high and destructive. Most importantly, chemotherapy does not cure 96-98% of all cancers and is more likely to kill people than chemotherapy would otherwise.

All of this makes high-pressure electrostatic therapy 100,000 times better than chemotherapy and hundreds of times cheaper.

How High Potential Electric Massapequa works (scientific theory)
The special electric field emitted by High Potential Electric Massapequa is constantly glowing around the user’s body, interfering with the cancer cell division process. In other words, electrostatic waves affect the cells to divide chromosomes, so the tumor cells will not divide and will eventually be destroyed.

Cancerous or malignant tumors will also begin to shrink until they disappear. This electrostatic field emission also damages viral DNA and its surrounding protein structure, making it impossible to replicate and causing infection.

These phenomena lead to cancer cell death and virus death. Dead cancer and viral cells are then broken down, reabsorbed and digested by the body’s immune system.

How High Potential Electric Massapequa works (scientific theory)

In other words, it’s true: the most common form of DNA is B-DNA, which is conductive. Therefore, you can think of viral DNA and cancer cell DNA as “radio” antennas. The signals emitted by the special electric field of High Potential Electric Massapequa can interrupt the work of viruses and cancer cells without damaging normal human cells.

This is the main reason why high pressure electrostatic therapy electrostatic therapy machines are far superior to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, because these conventional methods also target normal human cells and cause many deaths, including the progression of cancer, which leads to their death.

Historical evidence for the use of electricity to treat diseases
The earliest recorded use of electricity for medical purposes was in AD 46-47, when Scribonius Largus, a physician to the Roman emperor, recommended the treatment of rheumatism and gout with torpedoes or electric rays (due to their ability to produce electrical discharge).
Benjamin Franklin uses electricity.

high potential electric massapequa high potential electric massapequa high potential electric massapequa

What are the benefits of izumi High Potential Electric Massapequa and who needs it?

For those who want to live a healthy life.

The whole family that wants to be healthy and improve their lives is free from disease.
Children and school-age students need to focus on learning and reduce fatigue.
Older people who want to live long, be active and repair weak cells and stay away from disease.
People who stay in the city, with air pollution, lack of fresh air and a stressful environment and work.
People who work in air-conditioned rooms in offices lack fresh air and do not exercise.
People who lack time for a regular exercise routine.
Very few people go to the mountains.

It can also help people with health problems, for example.

Diabetes, stroke, arthritis, heart disease, migraine, osteoporosis, muscle stiffness and joint pain, kidney disease, cataracts, asthma, cholesterol, rheumatism, menstrual irregularities, skin irritation, etc.


Who needs to use the High Potential Electric Massapequa?

Our products have been used by the following people.
Doctors and doctors.
Nursing home resorts
Fitness centers and spas
Oriental Medical Center
Sports Medicine Specialist
diagnostic room
Scientific Research Center
Distributor of phytoremediation and dietary supplements

high potential electric massapequa

High Potential Electric Massapequa FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What kind of machine is this and what are the benefits of using this machine?
This is a medical device that neutralizes acidic blood and restores it to a weak alkaline state. It has the dual function of providing treatment and preventing disease.

What’s the difference compared to a massage machine?
Massage machines provide only partial treatment, while electric field therapy focuses on whole body treatment or “root therapy”.

Is this kind of electric field therapy harmful to the body?
No, electric field therapy is very safe because it only emits ions that are naturally present in the body, both positively and negatively charged.

Are there any side effects?
No, there are no side effects because there are no medications or injections, but you may experience a risk of recovery in the early stages of using the treatment. These are only temporary “detoxification” reactions and you will recover quickly.

What is a “healing crisis”?
After starting treatment, you may experience mild headaches, heaviness, fatigue, etc. until the disease has fully recovered. These are normal detox reactions that go away quickly.

What is the electricity consumption?
It has a power consumption of 30W, which is lower than that of fluorescent lamps.

How long should you use electric field therapy each day?
It’s a good idea to start with an initial treatment time of 20 minutes, then gradually increase this time to suit your physical condition. No matter how short the treatment is, you must continue the treatment every day and not miss a day.

Can children use it too?
It can be used by people of any age. As with adults, children need to adjust the duration of treatment to suit their adaptation. For babies from 1 month old to 90 years old, it is very relaxing and safe.

Which diseases can be treated with an electric field therapy device?
For people suffering from insomnia, chronic constipation, headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain, using this machine daily is 100% effective, it will purify the blood, improve circulation throughout the body, balance the nervous system, improve overall health and prevent disease.

Would I be addicted to the machine?
No, it’s not using chemicals or drugs, it’s using -IONS naturally, the same static electricity in your body.

How long can I use it?
Depending on your problem, most people can use up to 3-4 hours while they sleep.
However, you must gradually and slowly increase the time.

Can women use it during their menstrual cycle?
Yes, it is even better by removing dried blood clots from the uterus. There will be thicker darker blood to prevent cancerous acidic components.

Why sleep with it?
When your body is in a horizontal state, your mind is meditating and relaxing, thus allowing your body’s natural healing abilities to kick in. By using the machine, 3 times better results and faster results can be produced.
You can break down the different time ranges, which are: 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon and 1 hour in the evening. The average sleep duration is 2-4 hours.

Should I continue taking my medication after treatment?
Yes. The doctor should continue to take the medication.

Can a local booster cause damage to the nerves?
No, it only works on the surface of the skin and removes blood clots by a slight heating action. Knowledge of acupuncture will help, but can be continually learned through practice.

high potential electric massapequa high potential electric massapequa

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