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High Potential Electric Therapy


– High Potential Electric Therapy Equipment

High Potential Electric Therapy Equipment

MAIKONG Worldwide has produced products with the multifunctional WK2076H MAIKONG multifunctional high potential therapy device, which combines high potential therapy, negative potential therapy, pen high potential therapy and optical therapy. Not only does it faithfully play the role of “family doctor”, but it also creates an artificially fresh and comfortable natural environment that allows us to sit and exercise with the latest electrobiological research.

Because MAIKONG, not a promise, but a SURE!

We have active bioelectricity within our bodies. When we use the MAIKONG Multifunctional High Potential Therapy, our entire body absorbs electricity from the device.
In addition, our bodies will be surrounded by electrical platforms and reflected back into our surroundings. Energetic electricity is useful for activating membrane cells of more than 200 cell types in the body. Negative ions help repair weak cells.

For those who want to live a healthy life.
The whole family that wants to be healthy and live better is free from disease.
Children and school-age students need to focus on learning and reduce fatigue.
Older people who want to live long, be active and repair weak cells and stay away from disease.
People who stay in the city, with air pollution, lack of fresh air and a stressful environment and work.
People who work in air-conditioned rooms in offices that lack fresh air, lack
People who lack time for a regular exercise routine.
Fewer people go to the mountains.
Multifunctional pen – partial pen
“Pain means not smooth, and smooth means not painful,” said the old man. Topical pen therapy is the use of topical strokes to touch acupuncture points on our body where you will be bothered by needles. Microelectricity flows into our bodies; the current stimulates and unclogs the meridians.

High Potential Electric Therapy Equipment

Why do we need or want to increase negative potentials or negative ions?

Negative potentials increase the permeability of cell membranes and enhance the composition of ATP, which is responsible for the transport of chemical energy within the cell for metabolism.

Electrical energy can help activate the cell membranes of more than 230 types of cells in the body.
Negative ions can help regulate and restore weak cells in the body.

High Potential Electric Therapy Equipment

What are the benefits of bio-negative ions?

Negative ions enter the body mainly through respiration, they regulate the resting potential difference of cells, eliminate any abnormal brain waves, stabilize our thinking, promote sleep, lower blood pressure and blood sugar, cholesterol and potassium levels. Strengthens our muscles, improves our muscle nutrition, improves lung function and CO2 removal. Negative ions are effective in lowering the levels of 5-hydroxytryptamine in the blood and enhancing nerves through nitrate and creatinine levels in the urine. They boost metabolism, increase calcium levels in the blood and promote bone growth, while lowering blood sugar levels and lactic acid levels in the muscles. They also help to improve the body’s responsiveness, promote the function of the reticuloendothelial system, enhance the body’s immune system, stimulate the endocrine glands, promote gastric secretion, inhibit bacterial growth and purify the air around us.

High Potential Electric Therapy Equipment High Potential Electric Therapy Equipment

What is a (High Potential Electric Therapy) electrostatic therapy machine?

(High Potential Electric Therapy) is the world’s first and only electrostatic therapy machine specifically designed to prevent and eradicate cancer, viral diseases and unknown etiologies (causes unknown). To date, it is also the only healing machine that can dramatically accelerate results and complete recovery within days to months, depending on severity. High Potential Electric Therapy was introduced in 1968 by Japanese inventor Junji Takano.

(High Potential Electric Therapy) generates and uses powerful negatively charged static electricity that can eliminate the root causes of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, herpes, hepatitis and influenza.

Negatively charged static electricity is naturally present in our atmosphere. It is vital for living things and beneficial for the elimination of world diseases. It is 100% naturally occurring energy, so there are no harmful side effects. Therefore, static electricity is one of the best elements for treating diseases.

High Potential Electric Therapy Equipment

Who need the High Potential Electric Therapy?

Range of use:

—people with ill-health: menopausal syndrome, persistent fatigue, sleeplessness, poor appetite etc.

—people with good health: to relieve fatigue, prevent disease, keep fit.

—people who have stomach upset, abstraction, rheumatoid arthritis or feel weak due to long illness, etc.

High Potential Electric Therapy

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