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What Does High Electric Potential Mean?


What Does High Electric Potential Mean?

What Does High Electric Potential Mean What Does High Electric Potential Mean

(High Voltage Electrostatic Therapy) is the world’s first and only electrostatic therapy specifically designed for the prevention and eradication of cancer, viral diseases and unknown causes (of unknown ailments). To date, it is also the only cure that provides rapid, visible results and complete recovery within days to months, depending on the severity of the disease. High-voltage electrostatic therapy was developed by Japanese inventor Junji Takano in 1968.

(High Voltage Static Electricity Therapy) generates and utilizes powerful negatively charged static electricity to eliminate the underlying causes of various diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, herpes, hepatitis and influenza.

Negatively charged static electricity is naturally present in our atmosphere. It is vital for living things and is beneficial in eliminating world diseases. It is 100% naturally occurring energy and therefore has no harmful side effects. Therefore, static electricity is one of the best elements to treat diseases.

What Does High Electric Potential Mean?

high voltage pulsed current physical therapy

What is the high potential advantage?

1. With various functions, such as high voltage AC electrostatic field, medium frequency 76KHz AC electric field and heat.

2. With selection button, treatment function and beep for the end of treatment.

3. High/negative potential, two gears for high light and low light respectively. Gears can change the output voltage.

3. Unblocking meridian.

4.High, medium and low gears. The control unit should be able to cut off the heating power when the temperature of the heated medium and high gears exceeds 65℃ ± 1℃.

5. change the different output jacks (e.g., high/negative potential, light and heat), it can perform various therapies.

6. Using microchip control. Therapeutic equipment has stable performance and low failure rate.

7, the high-voltage generator is manufactured by special technology to ensure the stability and safety of the whole machine.

8. Adopt double line and high voltage isolation protection device with protection tube to ensure the safety in use.

9. Easy and intuitive operation.

10. The whole machine is equipped with perfect safety protection system, the treatment process is safe and comfortable.

What Does High Electric Potential Mean

What are high potential precautions?


Users of the following medical electrical devices cannot use the device for treatment at the same time.
1.Pacemaker or any other electronic transplant device.
2.An artificial heart-lung machine is a life support system
3. portable ECG measuring equipment.

The following equipment should be used with the permission of a medical professional.
1. Acutely ill patients
2. Electrocardiogram
3, malignant tumors
4, patients with high fever
5, Pregnancy
6, who are undergoing treatment or feeling unwell

What Does High Electric Potential Mean

Which High Electric Potential parameters?




AC220V / 50Hz

input power



T1.6AL / 250V

High Electric Potential output voltage

5000V 7000V 9000V

High Electric Potential output frequency

50 hertz

Negative output voltage

5000V 6000V 7000V

Negative potential output frequency

50 hertz

High frequency output voltage

2800 Vp-p

High frequency output frequency

80 hertz

Negative tonnage production concentration

≥10 million/cm³


LED digital screen

Default treatment time

30 minutes.

Treatment Timing Method

All functions except the sleep function use a timing method such as countdown.

Time frame

Sleep function has a maximum timer time of 12 hours.

Other functions

The maximum time is 90 minutes.

timekeeping method

10 minutes per shift.

external dimension

430 mm x 240 mm x 225 mm

total weight

8 kg.

net weight

6.5 kg

What Does High Electric Potential Mean

Who needs high potential?

Geriatric diseases.

Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, strokes, sequelae. Etc.

Gastrointestinal diseases.

Stomach discomfort, contractions, etc.

Sub-healthy people.

Menopausal syndrome, constant fatigue, weakness, insomnia, non-organic diseases, loss of appetite, etc.

Physically healthy people.

Relieves fatigue, prevents disease, keeps you healthy and strong


Rheumatoid arthritis, weakness due to long-term illness, etc.

What Does High Electric Potential Mean What Does High Electric Potential Mean What Does High Electric Potential Mean

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