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Where To Buy High Potential Therapy?


Where To Buy High Potential Therapy?

Where To Buy High Potential Therapy

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Where To Buy High Potential Therapy

What are the features of E-Vitalizer High Potential Therapy?

The E-Vitalizer has two treatment principles, “half wave” and “high oscillation”, and is equipped with four treatment modes.

1) Automatic mode

The automatic mode is a combination of half wave and high oscillation modes and is intelligently controlled by a microcomputer. It automatically switches between the two modes every 15 minutes. One person can experience the fusion effect of the two modes at the same time.

2) Partial modes

Part of the mode is to convert the half-wave mode to a lower intensity (level 3 power intensity) in order to tailor it to home applications and specific segments.

3) High oscillation mode

The high oscillation mode converts the 220V (50Hz) electrical energy we use in our daily lives into tens of thousands of Hz, which is then applied to the body. The vibrations are distributed evenly around the body to generate bio-energy (electricity, heat, etc.). Performing in “high vibration mode” is equivalent to doing aerobic exercise outdoors.
Heat effect
boost the immune system
Increased metabolic rate
Accelerated fat burning
Promotes blood circulation
Accelerated removal of metabolic waste and toxins

Where To Buy High Potential Therapy

4) Half wave mode

Meridians usually pass through the body. When there is an obstruction on the meridian, health problems will be inevitable. While TCM uses acupuncture to stimulate acupuncture points to trigger healing effects in specific areas of the body, the half-wave mode removes the meridians with a high-voltage current, further triggering a holistic and integrated healing effect. Since the resistance within the acupuncture points is relatively low compared to the rest of the body, the current flows smoothly through the acupuncture points along the meridian lines throughout the body. As soon as any circulation of blood and Qi within the meridian is blocked, the resistance changes. Just as a stone may block and slow down the flow of water in a river, but when the force of the water increases, the blocked stone may even be washed away. Thus, as the current enhances the flow of blood and Qi, this in turn helps to clear the meridian blockage and restore the body. In addition to the electric current generated along the user’s body, when operating in half-wave mode, the positive air ions surrounding the user are neutralized and removed. There are still large and increasing amounts of negative air ions in the room, which can provide tremendous health benefits to humans.

Where To Buy High Potential Therapy

How does High Potential Therapy work?

1 High potential therapy devices simulate and re-establish the natural electric field by using high, negative, anionic and intermediate frequency potentials. In this way, it can help you repair physical ailments and disorders caused by damage to the natural environment.

2 The device can alter alternating current to create an alternating high-voltage AC electric field. Under the action of the alternating electric field, subtle vibrations occur in any part of the user’s body, balancing the body’s tissues and organs and enhancing the inherent natural healing ability. As a result, effectively activated cells and enhanced neurotransmission will promote gastrointestinal motility and achieve therapeutic benefits against chronic constipation.

3 In addition, this high-potential therapeutic device can improve blood circulation, activate side branches, and relieve pain. It can also effectively address neuroses, such as headaches and insomnia.

Where To Buy High Potential Therapy

High Potential Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this machine and what are the benefits of using it?
It is a medical machine that neutralizes acidic blood and restores it to a weak alkaline state. It has the dual function of providing treatment and preventing disease.

Where To Buy High Potential Therapy?

What Does High Electric Potential Mean?

What is the difference compared to a massage machine?
Massage machines provide only partial treatment, while electric field therapy focuses on systemic or “root” treatment.

Is this electric field therapy harmful to the human body?
No, electric field therapy is very safe because it only emits positively charged and negatively charged ions that are naturally present in the body.

Are there any side effects?
No, there are no side effects, as there are no drugs or injections, but you may experience some healing crises in the early stages of treatment. These are only temporary “detox” reactions and you will recover quickly.

What is a “therapeutic crisis”?
After starting treatment, you may experience mild headaches, heaviness, and fatigue until you are fully recovered from the disease. These are normal detox reactions and will go away quickly.

What is the electricity consumption?
It has a power consumption of 30W, which is lower than fluorescent lamps.

How long should you use electric field therapy each day?
It is a good idea to start with an initial treatment time of 20 minutes and gradually increase this time to suit your condition. No matter how short the treatment time is, you must continue treatment every day without missing a day.

Can children use it too?
It can be used by people of any age. As with adults, children will need to adjust their treatment schedule to suit them. It is very relaxing and very safe for infants from 1 month old to 90 years old.

What kinds of diseases can be treated with an electric field therapy device?
For people suffering from insomnia, chronic constipation, headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain, daily use of this machine is 100% effective, it will purify the blood, improve circulation throughout the body, balance the nervous system, improve overall health and prevent disease.

Would I be addicted to the machine?
No, it is not the use of chemicals or drugs, but rather natural, using – ions, the same static electricity in your body.

How long can I use it?
Depending on your problem, most people can use up to 3-4 hours while they sleep.
However, you must gradually and slowly increase the time.

Can women use it during their menstrual cycle?
Yes, even better by removing dried blood clots from the uterus. There will be thicker, darker blood to prevent cancerous acidic elements.

Why do you sleep with it?
When your body is in a horizontal state, your mind is contemplating and relaxing, allowing your body’s natural healing abilities to work. By using the machine, you can produce 3x better results and faster results.
You can break it down into different time frames, 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon and 1 hour at night. The average sleep time is 2-4 hours.

Should I continue to take the medication after treatment?
Yes. The doctor should continue to take the medication.

Can a local booster cause nerve damage?
No, it works only on the surface of the skin and removes blood clots by a slight heating action. Knowledge of acupuncture will help, but can be continually learned through practice.

Where To Buy High Potential Therapy

Where To Buy High Potential Therapy

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