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Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price


Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment what it?

Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price




3.Bone and joint pain and back pain

4. Chronic constipation

It can also help people with health problems, such as.

Diabetes, stroke, arthritis, heart disease, migraines, osteoporosis, muscle stiffness and joint pain, kidney disease, cataracts, asthma, cholesterol, rheumatism.

Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Modalities Functions.

” The 30 minute effect is similar to a relaxing massage for 2 hours ”

High potential functions help stimulate blood circulation, regulate blood pressure and improve the immune system. The endocrine system is automatically regulated when micro-electrical interventions are applied to the human nervous system. Applying the High Potential function for 30 minutes has a similar effect to a relaxing massage for 2 hours.

Microelectric potential sleep mode function.

“Applying the 60-minute ultra-small potential sleep mode feature yields similar results to 2 hours of deep sleep.”

The Ultramicro Potential Sleep Mode function can be used for up to 6 hours continuously, allowing your body to rest fully. Long-term use can help reduce blood viscosity, speed up blood sugar breakdown and regulate systemic endocrine function, while improving sleep quality, balancing hormones, increasing cellular metabolism and doubling energy.

Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price

Where To Buy High Potential Therapy?

Lead (Pain Relief Electrical Stimulation Pen).

Use this pen to relieve and relieve some body pain by moving back and forth over body parts to release pain in certain body parts.

For people who want to live a healthy life.

*:: Whole families who want to be healthy, live better and be free from disease.

* Children and school-age students need to concentrate on their studies and reduce fatigue.

*Older people who want to live longer, be active and repair weak cells and stay away from diseases.

* People who live in cities with high air pollution, lack of fresh air, environmental and work stress.

*People who work in air-conditioned rooms in offices, lacking fresh air and exercise.

*People who lack time for regular and routine exercise.

*People who rarely go to the mountains.


Product Description
Power input AC110-V220V 50/60HZ
Input power 20VA
HPOT output voltage 9000V 6000V 3000V
HPOT output frequency 50HZ±2 HZ
LED digital screen for display and reading
Default treatment time 30 minutes
Continuous mode of operation
Therapy counts sleep time, other countdowns
Time range sleep function less than 9 hours, other functions less than 90 minutes
Time adjustment of 10 minutes/file to increase loops
Waterproof class not waterproof
Ambient temperature 5℃〜40℃
Relative humidity≤85%
Main body size 430mmx263mmx248mm

Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price


Users of the following medical electrical devices cannot use the device for treatment at the same time.

L Pacemaker or any other electronic transplant device.

L Artificial heart-lung machine is a life support system
L Carry around ECG measuring equipment.
L prohibits the use of metal to enter the body.

L The use of this product should be discontinued during a life-threatening illness episode.

The consent of a medical professional should be obtained before using the following devices.

L – Patients with acute illness
left heart disease
L malignant tumour
L-patients with high fever
People who have been treated or feel unwell


How does the Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment function work?

1, after the processing of the instrument, the AC electricity is converted into AC high-voltage alternating electric field, which can make the user parts produce subtle vibration.

2. as a result, the discomfort of the tissues and organs of the body is fully recovered.

3. enhance the body’s inherent healing ability

4. The cells will be effectively activated

5, increased nerve conduction

6. Gastrointestinal peristalsis is accelerated

7. thus achieving therapeutic purposes.

Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price

Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price

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Frequently Asked Questions about Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this machine and what are the benefits of using it?
It is a medical machine that neutralizes acidic blood and restores it to a weak alkaline state. It has the dual function of providing treatment and preventing disease.

What is the difference compared to a massage machine?
Massage machines provide only partial treatment, while electric field therapy focuses on systemic or “root” treatment.

Is this electric field therapy harmful to the human body?
No, electric field therapy is very safe because it only emits positively charged and negatively charged ions that are naturally present in the body.

Are there any side effects?
No, there are no side effects, as there are no drugs or injections, but you may experience some healing crises in the early stages of treatment. These are only temporary “detox” reactions and you will recover quickly.

What is a “therapeutic crisis”?
After starting treatment, you may experience mild headaches, heaviness, and fatigue until you are fully recovered from the disease. These are normal detox reactions and will go away quickly.

What is the electricity consumption?
It has a power consumption of 30W, which is lower than fluorescent lamps.

How long should you use electric field therapy each day?
It is a good idea to start with an initial treatment time of 20 minutes and gradually increase this time to suit your condition. No matter how short the treatment time is, you must continue treatment every day without missing a day.

Can children use it too?
It can be used by people of any age. As with adults, children will need to adjust their treatment schedule to suit them. It is very relaxing and very safe for infants from 1 month old to 90 years old.

What kinds of diseases can be treated with an electric field therapy device?
For people suffering from insomnia, chronic constipation, headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain, daily use of this machine is 100% effective, it will purify the blood, improve circulation throughout the body, balance the nervous system, improve overall health and prevent disease.

Would I be addicted to the machine?
No, it is not the use of chemicals or drugs, but rather natural, using – ions, the same static electricity in your body.

How long can I use it?
Depending on your problem, most people can use up to 3-4 hours while they sleep.
However, you must gradually and slowly increase the time.

Can women use it during their menstrual cycle?
Yes, even better by removing dried blood clots from the uterus. There will be thicker, darker blood to prevent cancerous acidic elements.

Why do you sleep with it?
When your body is in a horizontal state, your mind is contemplating and relaxing, allowing your body’s natural healing abilities to work. By using the machine, you can produce 3x better results and faster results.
You can break it down into different time frames, 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon and 1 hour at night. The average sleep time is 2-4 hours.

Should I continue to take the medication after treatment?
Yes. The doctor should continue to take the medication.

Can a local booster cause nerve damage?
No, it works only on the surface of the skin and removes blood clots by a slight heating action. Knowledge of acupuncture will help, but can be continually learned through practice.

Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price Izumi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Price

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