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how does electricity flow from high potential to low potential


Electricity flows from high potential to low potential because of the presence of an electric field. An electric field is a region in which electric charges (such as electrons) are subjected to a force. The electric field is created by a voltage difference (or potential difference) between two points. The direction of the electric field is from high voltage to low voltage.

In an electrical circuit, the electric field drives the flow of electric charges through the circuit. The direction of the current is the opposite of the direction of the electric field, so the current flows from high voltage to low voltage.

The flow of electricity is made possible by the movement of electric charges through a conductor. Conductors are materials that allow electric charges to flow freely through them, such as metals. When an electric field is present, the electric charges in the conductor will be subjected to a force, causing them to move in the direction of the electric field.

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