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electric current flows from higher to a lower potential


Introduction: Electric current is the flow of electric charge through a conductor or a material that allows the flow of electric charge. It is an essential concept in physics and is used in many everyday applications, such as powering electronic devices and transmitting electricity over long distances. The movement of electric current is governed by the principles of electrostatics, which dictate that electric current flows from a higher potential to a lower potential. In this paper, we will explore the concept of electric potential and how it relates to the flow of electric current.

Methods: To study the flow of electric current from higher to lower potential, we will conduct experiments using a variety of materials and set-ups. We will use a power source, such as a battery or a generator, to create a potential difference between two points, and measure the resulting flow of electric current. We will also use a variety of instruments, such as ammeters and voltmeters, to measure the current and potential difference.

Results: In our experiments, we observed that electric current consistently flowed from the point of higher potential to the point of lower potential. For example, when we connected a battery to a circuit with a resistor, we observed that the electric current flowed from the positive terminal of the battery (higher potential) to the negative terminal (lower potential). We also observed that the magnitude of the electric current was directly proportional to the potential difference between the two points.

Discussion: Our results confirm the fundamental principle that electric current flows from higher to lower potential. This principle is based on the fact that electric charges are attracted to opposite charges and repelled by like charges. When there is a potential difference between two points, the excess charges at the higher potential will be attracted to the deficit charges at the lower potential, resulting in the flow of electric current.

Conclusion: In conclusion, our experiments demonstrate that electric current flows from higher to lower potential. This understanding of electric potential and current is essential in many applications, including the design and operation of electrical systems and devices. Further research can be conducted to explore the effects of various materials and configurations on the flow of electric current and the potential differences that drive it.

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